Photo via Gowanus Lounge

Curbed is reporting on the latest victim of luxury condos: Myrtle the Turtle. Who's behind the act of animal cruelty? All fingers are pointing to the construction workers, who have the same shade of red paint on site at 5 Roebling Street. A neighbor, and friend of Myrtle the Turtle, wrote in:

It is obviously intentional because she got such a sustained spray that it has drip marks. The face and feet, as well. It is the exact color that the excavation people use on the 5 Roebling site to mark elevations on walls adjoining, so they know how deep to dig…

The good news is that Myrtle is going to be okay! Her new guardian isn't having any luck returning her to her natural shade, however, so Gowanus Lounge is asking for tips on how to get thick paint off of a turtle shell.