2005_11_arts_mob.gifIs it too early to post about free alcohol? Of course not. Have you heard of MyOpenBar.com yet? We have, though sadly admit to never taking advantage of it. Tonight, however, the site is having it's official (and long overdue) launch party.

Let's backtrack though. On a daily basis the site supplies you, the reader/alcoholic/cheapskate, with a list of where you can drink for FREE. They give you the place, the time, the "deal" and the logistics. In short, they help you plan tomorrow's hangover, today! Our fave listing:

What: Free Wine! Always!
Where: LaGuardia Grill [541 LaGuardia Place, bt. Bleecker and W 3rd St]
The Deal: All Fucking Day!
So, this is a very cheap and very good Vietnamese food place that apparently hasn't got a liquor licence so they can't sell it. But they can certainly give it away for free while you're waiting for their well-reviewed food. Just ask for it.

Alright, so back to tonight, the launch party will feature not one but TWO open bars: from 9-11pm and again, from 2-3am. There will also be bands and deejays, but who cares when there's an open bar. More details here.

Tonight // 9pm to 3am // The Delancey [ 168 Delancey St] // Free