JVG watches Buddy Cianci - The Musical come to life; Photo - NY Times

The Times' Providence Journal features the mythic story of Vincent "Buddy" Cianci, former Providence mayor now serving in prison for racketeering, who is the subject of a new book, as well as a new musical, Buddy Cianci, by that most-famous-of-them-all blogger, Jonathan Van Gieson, which sold out its Fringe Festival run. Cianci's charming but corrupt ways have left an indelible mark on Providence residents, including one who says, "He's a crook, but I'd vote for him again."

Gothamist is happy to see that JVG's fame-prophesizing has become self-fulfilled. We hope our we self-fulfill our prophecy (okay, dream) of guesting on Law & Order, ideally as the squabbling friends (no acting lessons needed!) who stumble across the victim.