2006_05_my9.pngGothamist understands that it's great for sports fans to see a hometown team in the playoffs. And we love Vince Carter. But WWORTV 9 aka, "My 9," is seriously killing us during the end of the traditional TV season by screwing over us Veronica Mars fans. With three episodes to go, My9 pre-empted VM for a Nets playoff game last week. Instead of replaying VM after America's Next Top Model on Wednesday (and this is after shuffling VM between the Tuesday at 9pm and Wedensday at 9PM slots), it was just more Top Model, and Gothamist had to wait ages until Sunday for the episode. Sure, sure, we could have looked for the episode somewhere online, and we'll probably have do that tonight, but we're still pissed.

And the NY Times has two timely articles: One about the "The CW" (Veronica Mars might get picked up again) and another about how everything is "My this..." or "My that...". Whatever, we just wanna 86 My 9.