2007_03_arts_six.jpgThe Brooklyn Record points us to an article in the Brooklyn Downtown Star reporting there may be some hiccups in getting this whole Music Hall of Williamsburg thing off the ground:

"Combined with the Galapagos Art Space next door, which also serves alcohol to guests, the two venues would offer roughly 12,000 square feet of bar on a block zoned for residential as well as commercial use. The Music Hall of Williamsburg - 8,000 square feet on its own - would include Northsix's existing 4,000 square feet plus the equivalent second floor."

Apparently the neighborhood is a bit concerned about garbage, noise and, well, drunken debauchery. The top floor they refer to used to be occupied by tenants (when the venue was Northsix), up until one month ago. There are currently several Department of Buildings violations against it (no valid permit for public assembly or certificate of occupancy and some construction violations), however the plan is still to move forward for a springtime opening.

Neighbors of the new venue plan to discuss the Music Hall of Williamsburg with Community Board 1 members, neighborhood activists, and local elected officials at CB1's next Public Safety session. It is scheduled for Thursday, March 8, at 6:30 pm. Now, what can be done about the entirely too long and literal name of the venue?

Photo of Northsix by Glenn Peoples for "Scene From My Life".