According to the 31 Down website, until October of this year there will be some mystery theater happening underground. Not so much the mystery of when your train will arrive, but an interactive murder mystery. It's set in the Canal Street subway station, picked for its noir feel, and features Tajna Tanovic and Mike Sharpie.

All you have to do to participate is call Toll Free 1-877-OR-WHAT-31 (1-877-679-4283) from any pay phone inside the turnstiles of Canal Street Station (at the NQRW, 6, and JMZ platforms, NOT THE A C E Station)...and your mystery will begin!

The NY Post reports that "more clues to the murder can be found in the walls and doors of the cavernous tunnels connecting the lines." That sounds sort of creepy.

Photo (not from the event!) from Ghostwriter's flickr.