2003_11_parisrick.jpgDamn, that Rick Solomon apparently has had a cache of many Paris Hilton sex tapes. The Post talks to "sources" who know about the tapes (Rick & Paris, just Paris) and whether or not the party girl was of age during their making. We'll just wait for them to be posted on Fleshbot.

Maybe Paris can take comfort in the fact that she's entertaining so many bored and listless Americans, giving them a reason to go to the office if just to gossip and download. This might be the only time companies allow downloading of porn, since everyone wants to see it. Plus this debacle has to be rewriting the book on dating and breaking up; people, at least REMEMBER that you might have been videotaped when you contemplate a break-up - suggest a viewing right before you dump him/her so you can take the tape with you right before you slam the door.

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