This is not proper tree recycling! (Flickr/Adam Kuban)

Sadly, the holidays are coming to an end, leaving behind only fond memories of Yuletide glee and the five pounds you gained gorging on Nana's gingerbread. And if you welcomed a Christmas tree into your home this year, you're probably starting to notice dropping needless and browned branches, a sign that your festive fir is going the way of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il. Stop hysterically sobbing and pull yourself together! Since we're sure you don't want to be that person who keeps their tree until spring, we suggest you take advantage of this free city service for recycling your precious pine. Here's how:

The Parks Department, the Department of Sanitation and GreeNYC are teaming up once again for MulchFest, their annual tree grinding extravaganza that repurposes your Christmas tree into much needed mulch for the city's parks. On January 7th and 8th, recreate your very own version of Fargo at dozens of locations throughout the boroughs or—if you can't bear to see your beautiful balsam ground to bits before your very eyes—drag your tree to one of 35 drop off locations between January 2nd and January 8th. We've mapped a few locations below, but consult the MulchFest website for a more detailed list. Biodegradable bags will also be on hand so mulchers can take home a bag of wood chips for their own gardens or to help keep a street tree warm and cozy through the winter.

If you're too lazy busy to haul your tree a few measly blocks to the park, the Department of Sanitation will be picking up clean, unbagged trees curbside starting Tuesday, January 3rd and concluding on Saturday, January 14th. But do the right thing and stop by one of the locations below!