Gothamist loves that on any given night, the performers and writers who create shows like SNL, Conan and the Daily Show are performing live at other venues around the city. It’s just one of the many reasons we love living here and this week it seems like there are more opportunities to check them out than usual.

2005_09_artsraisin.jpgTonight at 9:30pm, the PIT [154 W. 29th St.] presents Late Night with Conan O’Brien writer and performer Brian McCann in Raisin’s Campfire Fun Time. Raisin, a creepy and hilarious character McCann developed on Conan, is brought to life for an hour of “substance, song, confessions and great times”.

As the highlight of the Emmy’s this year, Jon Stewart and everyone involved with The Daily Show proved once again that they deserve all the awards they get and then some. George Bush hates Black Sabbath! Yay! This post-Emmy edition of Primetime Kalan with host Elliot Kalan at Juvie Hall [24 Bond St.] features Daily correspondent Ed Helms and free pizza. [Saturday 8pm, $8. Tickets available at Smarttix]

And also tonight at 7:30pm, Mo Pitkins [34 Ave. A] is holding a Hurricane Relief show hosted by Liam McEneany and featuring the Daily Show’s Rob Corddry, as well as Eddie Brill, Becky Donohue, Paul Scheer and many many others. It’s $15 and all proceeds go to the Red Cross.

Monday the 26th at 8pm is the return of Channel 102 at the UCB Theatre, back after a two month hiatus. The show features five minute TV episodes, whose existence (to cancel or not to cancel) depends on votes from the audience. This month, returning shows include My Wife, The Ghost, Gemberling! (which has also featured Rob Corddry in past episodes and will be self imposing its own cancellation this month), and the super neat, super adorable Teen Homicide.