Gothamist guesses we need to report this bit of Lower East Side news, as Lockhart Steele is on vacation. As part of MTV's week of celebrating the MTV Video Music Awards, there's a $8.28 dinner entree promotion through tomorrow night at Lower East Side restaurants, including Essex, Punch & Judy, and AKA Cafe, are participating. See the full list here.

Check out other VMA related events, like the Iggy Pop and the Stooges benefit concert tomorrow night (tickets $30) or the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue, which have various musician's MTV VMA outfits.

Friend Benjamin tells us that he helped get the MTV News crew to blog, but MTV calls them Daily Diaries. (We learned that Suchin Pak found her dress for the show and Iann Robinson met Freddy Krueger.)

While there are a number of talented nominees this year as Kelefa Sanneh writes in today's Times (we happen to like all videos he mentions), Gothamist is rooting for Johnny Cash. We've been obsessed with the Hurt video since February.