Not long ago MTV put out word that they were looking to cast Occupy Wall Street protesters for the new Real World (they're still looking!). At the time, a rep for the company confirmed with us that it was indeed their Craigslist ad, and they were "targeting young passionate people" for their 27th season (a location has yet to be determined). While they comb through the Zuccotti Hotties, they've slapped together an episode of True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street (we would have gone with True Life: I Lost My Virginity At Zuccotti Park, but there's still time for that), which will air November 5th.

The protagonist: Bryan, a 20-something male that is “one of the leaders of the Occupy sanitation team." You can meet him in this below video:

Do you think seeing the OWS movement through an MTV-tinted lens is a little... weird, though? [via Brian Stelter]