MTV has stirred up some off-screen drama with their latest reality show Jersey Shore. They've already lost two advertisers (Dominos and American Family Insurance) and MTV staffers are reportedly being threatened with violence... all after an Italian-American group protested the reality show.

The network's president of programing (and Italian-American) Tony DiSanto, is now speaking out about the show, telling the Hollywood Reporter: "It never crossed my mind this would be offensive... Everybody is welcome to their own POV. It bums me out that some people are offended. The intention behind the show was to present an exciting group of big characters who were an interesting dynamic, having the summer of their lives, having very specific sort of rituals and vernacular. I thought it would play like a fun show with heart that also makes you laugh." Well, it's definitely making people laugh.

DiSanto continued, adding that "MTV is all about diversity and creativity" — which is also pretty funny. Not so funny is that the guy who punched a girl in the face (see animated gif!) is a gym teacher in Queens. And guess what, he's been moved to the rubber room, too! The NY Post reports that 24-year-old Brad Ferro "was initially told to lay off the booze by bouncers at the popular resort bar because he seemed too drunk. Ferro managed to stay inside the bar and eventually swiped booze belonging to Snooki and her entourage that had been placed on the bar top." The altercation led to him punching Snooki in the face, injuring her mouth.