Remember when that rascally governor of Arkansas told a MTV audience that he didn't inhale marijuana smoke? Probably not because in 1992 many of us were still sucking Ecto-Cooler and slamming Pogs. But future-president Clinton admitted the faux pas in the first incarnation of MTV's Choose or Lose, the network's slogan for all things political, until now. Behold, the "Power of 12." MTV President Stephen Friedman explains the change to Brian Stelter as coming out of the burgeoning cynicism amongst 18-29 year olds following Obama's election. “They were so passionate, and then they hit this wall of the economy.”

Echoing the somber mood of the entire country as it begins the Stygian journey to November's election, Friedman noted that the youngs can't really bear to ponder participating in the democratic process: "It is almost a topic they'd rather not think about."

Recent polls by the Pew Research Center show that the president enjoys support from the 18-29 demo more than any other age group, but they also paid the least amount of attention to the campaign. Obama will certainly need those 45 million people to turn out and vote. Andrew Jenks, the network's documentarian darling, will begin Power of 12 coverage with interviews of the GOP candidates, and along with Sway Calloway, will also prominently feature the Iowa caucuses in two weeks.

“For the candidates, one of my big questions is, ‘How are you really understanding what young people are going through?’ ” Jenks said. Lets hope that Mitt Romney doesn't react like Maino did when he asks him that question.