2006_03_mtvvma.jpgMTV is going to broadcast the 2006 awards. Now, Gothamist will use our cranky and cliche cards: We don't remember the last time we saw a video on MTV! And we're kind of upset at MTV for making stars out of people who are worthless, although the horrifying pleasure we get when we watch My Sweet 16 almost balances that out. But the show itself is usually trippy fun to watch - whether it's a lesbian kiss or Kiss playing under the Brooklyn Bridge - and the hosting is good (we heart you, Chris Rock). The president of MTV, Christina Norman explained, "New York City is our hometown, and we are really looking to showcase the music, culture, and people from every borough of this amazing city on TV, online, broadband, and wireless to fans around the globe." Translation: You can watch the show on TV, watch clips on your TV, get messages sent to your phone - basically drown yourself in knowing what Beyonce is wearing or if James Blunt will falsetto. What would be brilliant is for musical acts to perform in all five boroughs (yes, even Staten Island). This year, the event will be on August 31 (we think the show was moved up for distance between the show's excess and September 11 - we definitely remember that in 1999, the show was on September 9), and similar to the way the city handled the Country Music Awards this year, there will be many concerts and events leading up to the show.

Do you have a favorite MTV Video Music Awards performance? Basically, we love anything that involves Triumph the Insult Comic Dog harassing people in the audience.