0807mtvlogo.jpgMTV has once again invaded Brooklyn; earlier this year the network dissected the Todd P scene, and last night they were right back at it, filming at the Market Hotel (or Harket Motel, which it has more recently been called). Reports say that a sign greeted show-goers last night saying, in short, that "MTV is filming and can use your likeness in all media that exists, or may exist in the future, and by being there you agree to be filmed, if you don’t agree, leave." The BushwickBK blogger worries that "the scene will implode (like poor grunge!)" and when he inquired about the network's presence, was suspicious of the answer: "they were just filming the bands to put up on mtv.com." Maybe one of the new Real World Brooklyn castmates is Todd P! Bands on the bill last night included Mae Shi and Ponytail; after MTV's appearance they were promptly moved into the "so over" column on indie-snob scorecards.