Original photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

It didn't take long for MTV to attach itself to the Occupy Wall Street movement—one month after the protesters took to Zuccotti Park, the network put out a casting call for the next season of The Real World, specifically targeting the occupiers. Following that, they brought their cameras there for a True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street episode. And now, they've sent out a press release alerting us that, "in special recognition of the music spontaneity, artistry, and virility of the Occupy Wall Street performances, O Music Awards 2 will honor the Most Memorable #OWS Performance. The recipient is Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)." We asked MTV to comment on their fascination with the OWS movement, and if they think their recent actions are cheapening it. And while we're at it: why Tom Morrello over, say, Jeff Mangum?

Senior Director of MTV Press, Kurt Patat, wouldn't comment on the theory that the network may be latching on to the movement for ratings, but did tell us:

"The goal with the O Music Awards recognition is to celebrate the impromptu musical street performances that are occurring at #OWS. The O Music Awards are about celebrating the artists, fans and innovators impacting digital music culture right now. With everyone armed with a smartphone, many of these performances are becoming viral sensations. With this in mind, we want to pause and celebrate the musical spontaneity and artistry that’s taking place on street corners across the country and spreading globally via digital distribution. The recognition is really for all the artists, with Morello serving as an example."

Stay tuned for a very special edition of Cribs: Occupy Wall Street.