The Museum of Television & Radio began blogging this month! The curators, educators and other assorted staff members all collaborate on The Blog Potato, which reclaims the couch potato stereotype in the name of thought-provoking analysis and dialogue.

2006_01_arts_nelson.jpgA hot topic on the blog is the resurgance of Sci-Fi in primetime, and, of course Wonder Woman vs. Buffy: Who woud win? Our only complaint is that there isn't enough discussion on the tv show Lost. There should be an entire category for this show, and perhaps a simulated Lost island in the museum. Hmmm.

While clicking around on MT&R's site we noticed an interesting event tonight. Ricky Nelson is being tributed by his sons, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson (aka: Nelson!) They will perform some of their pop's hits, but not likely any of their own pop hits. An interesting sidenote: Gunnar is actually on Celebrity Fit Club right now, a show that probably won't make it in to the MT&R's vaults.

Buy tickets for tonight's show here. MT&R is located at 25 W 52nd St and the show begins at 6pm.