Former Beatle Paul McCartney may not be bailing out the MTA anytime soon, but it's rumored he may finally be able to marry one of the organization's board members. A few papers around town are reporting that McCartney will be marrying Nancy Shevell, heiress to a freight-moving fortune and MTA board member (at least through 2011) which helps oversee projects like the 2nd Avenue subway. British papers were abuzz when Shevell's divorce became final in December, allowing her to officially move over to Macca, and allegedly his children are in full support of the marriage (his third). CityRoom states the obvious, noting the union "is unlikely to be of much direct help to the M.T.A., whose budget deficit stands in the billions of dollars," but the least Shevell could do is stay in town with the troubled MTA. The site reports that she is "reportedly spending much of her time now in Britain, at Mr. McCartney’s homes in East Sussex and in London."