Say good-bye to a little oasis in Grand Central Terminal: Posman Books is leaving its space, because the MTA essentially wants to use it for construction.

As Crain's reports, the book retailer's lease wasn't renewed past December:

According to a spokesman for the MTA, the Posman space will be used for improved pedestrian circulation. Mr. Fader noted that the move is part of the eventual construction of the 65-story, 1 Vanderbilt office skyscraper, which will rise just west of Posman’s location in the terminal. Though that building is still far off, the 5,000-square-foot bookstore space will be used as a short-term storage area during the construction of the new eateries planned for Vanderbilt Hall. While Posman had been in talks with the MTA for years to relocate, many of the spaces in the transportation hub are simply too small.

The bookstore was a great place to pass the time before trains, to find reading material for that train ride or a gift.

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York complains, "However, the Rite-Aid next door to Posman's will remain in business, untouched by the hand of 'progress.' Really? Another local bookstore has to die while a national drugstore chain is preserved? Hey MTA, how about this? Kick out the fucking Rite-Aid and keep the bookstore. New York is losing bookstores left and right. We cannot afford to lose another. Meanwhile, we're drowning in Rite-Aid (and Duane Reade, and Walgreens, CVS--and every other national chain). "

Posman Books posted a letter at the store and on its website:

To all our wonderful customers,

As some of you may know there are a number of significant projects underway in Grand Central Terminal. Much of the work is behind the scenes but will eventually lead to improved access to the transportation network. Unfortunately, Grand Central has determined that they will need our space/location for plans to upgrade and improve pedestrian circulation in and around Grand Central.

So, dear readers, our last day of business will be December 31st.

Needless to say we are terribly sad to be leaving you and we are actively working with Grand Central to find a new location. We have loved being here and serving you for these last 15 years. We can’t quite believe it ourselves, but this is happening and we will close at the end of this year.

Of course it’s not the end of Posman Books! We still have thriving stores in Chelsea Market and Rockefeller Center and we are excited to be opening a new store in the remodeled World Financial Center in March 2015. But we realize that isn’t much consolation to our regular customers here in Grand Central Terminal.

We have one gentle reminder to all our regulars; we won’t be here in January when you need a calendar, so we will be discounting them earlier than usual. Take advantage as soon as you see the discount signs! Sign up for our email newsletter and we will keep you informed as we prepare to leave this location.

Best wishes, Eugene Posman
President, Posman Books