While animal rights groups protested this weekend's Madison Square Garden Professional Bull Riders Invitational, fans packed the arena to watch three days of rodeo in the heart of Manhattan. And that includes actor John Slattery, who looks like he's on the edge of his seat in anticipation of the competition. Rider Valdiron de Oliveira was crowned the winner for the second time in four years, winning four out of five rounds and taking home $41,860. But the best part of the competition was listening to the names of the bulls.

These bulls easily top any racehorse for ridiculous names, with bulls like "Deja Blu," "Larry the Cable Guy's Smokey," and "Chick'N Fried" bucking riders to victory. Oliveria won his final round on "Mellow Yellow Jacket," with Ben Jones coming in second on "Voodoo Child." Unfortunately, nobody placed on "Misunderstood," who with that name must move more like Eyeore than his angrier counterparts.