2007_07_frod.JPGThe Post didn't shy away from printing a photograph of Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez with a blond stripper friend on a May cover, and they aren't shying away from showing Mrs. A-Rod, Cynthia Rodriguez, in an PG-13-rated shirt today!

Cynthia Rodriguez was spotted at Yankees Stadium wearing a white tank that said, on its back, "F--- You." The Post notes that she was sitting with her 2-year-old daughter and that many young fans saw the shirt. A spectator told the Post one father took his 10-year-old son away, "I mean this kid was right in back of Cynthia - his nose must have been about 4 inches away from the words 'F--- you.'" Well, considering how the Yankees are doing, we think most kids are getting a crash course on swear words.

But what's fascinating is that wearing such a saucy shirt may have violated Yankees Stadium policy.

The team's policy prohibits any banners or signs that are not in "good taste" and also warns that security guards will eject any guests "using foul language" or "making obscene gestures."

Still, when some fans let nearby security know about Cynthia's four-letter garment yesterday, nothing was done.

"It was noted by police and security," one fan said. "They were aware of it. I guess they didn't know what to do. I guess you don't kick A-Rod's wife out of the game."

No comment from the Boss, or other baseball wives. But we're willing to let Mrs. A-Rod get her anger out - and kudos for not pussyfooting around by getting an FCUK shirt.

Do you think Cynthia Rodriguez's shirt was funny or trashy? And PG-13 movies can have one swear word, but that's it.