Hello friend, and welcome back to the sunny world of Mr. Robot, where everything can be fixed with a well-placed punch (or punchline), Alf, and expert bludgeoning with a tire iron. This week was oddly fun—though last week ended with Elliot being beaten unmercifully, last night we got a Too Many Cooks-esque opening and sitcom goofiness, along with a cute spy sequence starring Darlene in a goofy blonde wig. Still, this season's starting to make me wonder when we're going to get to the fireworks factory—and I've got some questions!

The last time we saw ace FBI agent/total weirdo Dominique Dipierro, she was outgunned by terrorists who broke into her hotel. She survived though, and as we learned in the recap she gave her boss, she was cornered until the gunmen killed themselves. Surely a group as ruthless as The Dark Army, who jammed metal under Cisco's fingernail merely for asking "Hey, what's the deal with you guys anyway?" wouldn't screw up a surprise FBI ambush and let the smartest person in the room live. Is Whiterose just messing with Dipierro because of overconfidence? Or, maybe, he thinks he can just shake her confidence in everything until she switches teams? You saw a glimmer of defeat when her favorite bodega closed thanks to the show's ongoing economic catastrophe, and any moment Whiterose could just let Dipierro in on the fact that Phillip Price has been happy to go along with it.

One big reason Angela is in the pickle she's in is because her idiot horny boyfriend couldn't resist a street CD hustle, which, come on, is New York City Life Skills 101. But it was Cisco who did the hustle, obviously targeting an idiot, and obviously doing it so that Angela could be made a patsy by her best friends Elliot and Darlene. It all came together for her when Cisco showed up to drop off a necessary piece of equipment for the FBI hack and he clearly knew everyone. Angela has shown herself to have remarkable ambition this season, so why wouldn't she turn state's evidence, tell the FBI fsociety demanded she help them or the'd leak her nudes and be done with the whole thing? She can't possibly be so mad her first attempt at using a little leverage for a nicer job and office failed, so what weird chess is Angela playing that includes her risking her freedom to help hack the FBI?

Remember that bonus scene in the nice fancy rich person room where Richard Price and Whiterose talk about a Congolese mine and the Roman emperor Nero and the like? Also remember how Price told Whiterose he knew who was behind the hack and they were "being handled"?

Keeping in mind Price clearly doesn't know as much as he thinks he does, but that he's also a guy who CLEARLY loves complicated plots, is he the one who led Ray to Elliot, and somehow knew it would end poorly for our favorite hacker? I mean, Elliot is basically chained up in a basement now, while the rest of fsociety flounders without him. Obviously this isn't the simplest way to handle things, but once again I have to object to the behavior of Ray's goons at the hospital. Musclebound goons don't just carry a clearly injured guy out of the hospital without some kind of large bribe being paid, no matter what kind of crappy insurance Elliot has.


  • What is it with evil rich guys and complicated plots anyway? Yeah, we get it, you read "The Cask of Amontillado," congratulations! But real life doesn't work that way. Just shoot someone in the head and take care of your problem, sealing someone up in a wall (metaphorically) is dumb.
  • For a second there when Angela was confronted with the horned-up FBI guy, I really thought we were going to see another poor Bill Harper scene featuring truly uncomfortable psychological cruelty. Thankfully that's not what happened, and I will be fine with something like that never happens on television ever again.
  • So, hey, maybe I was wrong about Tyrell being alive, if the bludgeoning with the tire iron and the portentous "I really did it" dialogue for next week's episode is any indication.
  • GREAT fake New York Post cover this week. They even have sports on the other side.