0804papoose.jpgRapper Papoose better not follow in the footsteps of his lady love, Remy Ma, lest he find himself behind bars along with her. The rapper is feuding with another rapper, Uncle Murder, and has visually "brought it" in a new video for his song "Ambulance."

The song is about how Papoose is going to murder Uncle Murder, and if you take a look at the video you'll notice he's using a Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance in it, with EMT's from the Ambulance Corp starring alongside him. The sticker on the side of the door states that the vehicle is recognized by the FDNY as an official 911 agency, so hopefully there weren't too many emergencies in Bed-Stuy that day!

A reader also points out, "the B.S.V.A.C. is in an impoverished area of Brooklyn where there is high crime, drugs, poverty, and a lack of role models. This is just what these kids need. A community ambulance staring in a rap video about shooting your rival." Watch the video here. We contacted the B.S.V.A.C. but they told us they had no idea what we were talking about and hung up.