Chris Kattan as Gollum; Photo - NBC

Without him I'd probably be lap-dancing on the subway or working at Origins. - Chris Kattan on Lorne Michaels. Funny thing is Gothamist believes it.

Chris Kattan is leaving Saturday Night Live to pursue a film career in L.A. Gothamist kind of thought Kattan would be a lifer on the show, but we guess playing mostly gay and/or pretty naked characters would get tiresome. He's also one of the most physical performers on the show - his portrayasl of Gollum and Mr. Peepers are testaments to that. Actually, we really like his version of Antonio Banderas as an overzealous Latin lothario, but maybe it's because he keeps trying to touch the female guests' breasts in increasingly awkward situations.

Tracy Morgan, Chris Kattan, and reportedly Jimmy Fallon are leaving SNL this May, but Gothamist is happy because Tina is still there.