Gothamist loves free theater in a park (any park!) as much as the next group-blog, but to be honest we've been left cold the last few times we've gone to see the stuff put up by the Public (it's been a problem ever since that ill-conceived star-studded production of The Seagull). And anyway the next show at the Delecorte doesn't start till the 16th and by then we're going to be too distracted by the Fringe Festival (buy your tickets now!).

So if you're like us and are looking for some free theater, go check out the New York Classical Theater's current roving production of Moliere's Scapin in Central Park. And when we say roving we mean roving. When Gothamist went there were something like 300 people wandering around following the action. Its loud and over the top, but worth it. Just go to the 103rd & Central Park West entrance to the park at 7 pm any Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and wear comfortable clothes because you're going to be walking around between scenes.