2004_07_artsmetallica.jpgWhen Gothamist caught wind of the new Metallica "rockumentary" it took us about 4 seconds to sink into the nostalgia of early high school and dust off our patched up acid washed jean jacket. Posters of this foursome stuck to our walls for at least a year before being replaced with more age appropriate things. Metallica as a band remained, but personal musical tastes on our side expanded, and faster than you could say "Napster" they were no longer a part of our daily musical diet. They cut their hair, we grew out our perm and moved away from the metal genre. Still, Metallica only comes second to NIN when a need for downtrodden lyrics and pissed off chords (or motivation for the gym) comes up.

Their film, Some Kind of Monster, took 3 years to make and was enjoyed by many this year at Sundance. It's described as "a raw and truthful introspection" into the band and the making of their latest album, St Anger. We're thinking a movie sized version of a Behind the Music episode.

While we won't be able to attend the press screening tonight which is followed by a Q&A with directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky (Brother’s Keeper, Paradise Lost), we will be sure to catch it after it opens worldwide on July 9th. Besides, seeing something by Metallica before it's released to the masses, seems, um, wrong. At least, Lars wouldn't like it.

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