Famed Italian movie studio Cinecitta is profiled by the New York Times today, as it tries to make itself a compelling option for Hollywood's filmmakers. Directors like Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti made Cinecitta the place to be in the 50s and 60s, but up until recently had not been successful. Wes Anderson's next movie, The Life Aquatic, is filming there, and most famously, Gangs of New York, was filmed there which had Martin Scorsese and Dante Ferretti replicate the Five Points in Rome.

Gothamist's good friend D.A. Miller just visited the studio and writes, "I toured Cinecitta, with Scorsese's Bronx, still not yet struck, standing cheek by jowl with Mel Gibson's Jerusalem, etc. You'd enter a warehouse in which the ceiling was from the Leopard, and the chandeliers from Death in Venice and Salo--with a new knickknacks from Cleopatra and Mr. Ripley."

Gothamist's favorite movie about Italian filmmaking: 8 1/2, of course. About Italian filmmaking: Cinema Paradiso, of course.