Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan, acting like 8 year old girls at a slumber partyMy love for Owen Wilson continues with the opening of Shanghai Knights(check out the cool interactive kung fu) this weekend. It's directed by David Dobkin, not David Dorkin. Buy Shanghai Noon, but it's not critical to have seen Shanghai Noon in order to see Shanghai Knights; however, Noon is pretty damn funny. Read the lovefest of reviews for Knights by Elvis Mitchell, Charles Taylor, Jack Matthews and Roger Ebert.

Connie Nielsen's second movie with Beezlebub in the titleThe latest film from Olivier Assayas is Demonlover, which is being shown as part of Film Comment Selects, a series of films that do not have American distribution yet. I'm intererested in this because I enjoyed Irma Vep, Assayas' film about making a film, identity, and the luminous Maggie Cheung.

Kate Winslet, probably not naked in this filmDirector Alan Parker will be doing a Q&A after the screening of his latest film, The Life of David Gale. The film, about a death-penalty opposing law school professor on death row, played by Kevin Spacey, seems to be in the vein of Parker's other melodramatic film, Mississippi Burning, which starred Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, and Frances McDormand. In David Gale, Kate Winslet is the journalist who tries to save him before "it's too late." Ahem.