You know, Gothamist always had a bad feelig about director Chris Columbus. The Harry Potter movies weren't as bad as we feared, and, yes, Adventures in Baby-Sitting is a classic (of sorts), but learning that Rent will be filmed in San Francisco makes our stomach turn. Rent is about musicians, dancers, addicts - a bunch of crazy kids trying to make it in this scary world - from our East Village, not from San Francisco's Tenderloin. Apparently shooting will occur somewhere in SF called "Treasure Island." Gothamist predicts this film will suck, even in spite of most of the cast (ten years older, pretty much) is returning, plus Rosario Dawson. You hear that, SFist?

Rent the musical is still on Broadway, with Drew "Brother of Nick, Brother-in-law of Jessica" Lachey and Frenchie "I was kicked off American Idol because of my past" Davis.