Oh it isn't just Broadway, Starbucks and the subway system that are shut down for Sandy today. High and lowbrow movie theaters across town are shuttered too, so if you wanted to wait out the storm at the movies we hope you like your home cinema.

Pretty much all of the major movie theaters in town have closed for Monday (and possibly Tuesday). That includes AMC Theaters, Clearview Cinemas, City Cinemas and Regal Cinemas have all shut down. And it isn't just the biggies! If you wanted to spend the afternoon with something a little less mainstream you are out of luck, too. Indie theaters like BAM, Film Forum and Nitehawk have all been spooked by the Frankenstorm as well.

Sigh! Movie theaters in particular closing actually make us sad—we still have fond memories of going and seeing American Beauty when the city shut down schools because of Hurricane Floyd back in 1999.