I laughed!  I cried!  It was better than Cats!CNN has a pretty good piece about annoying movie blurbs from unknown critics being used relentlessly by movie studios. There are some mainstream ones as well (Peter Travers, Gothamist is talking about you) and the biggest conundrum of them all, Roger Ebert who is simultaneously smart and stupid.
Variety's Timothy Gray tells CNN, ""It's always 'a roller coaster ride' or 'the feel-good movie of the summer.' Sometimes I think, not only have I never heard of these people, but I've never heard of their organization." CNN looks for one critic, Earl Dittman, who "works for a publication company called Wireless Magazines, which maintains no public Web site and has limited distribution." Hmm...maybe Gothamist should try to raise our brand awareness by getting overzealous movie publicists to pick up our quotes ("Seabiscuit...a little bloodless".... "Tomb Raider...nipples retouched out of poster").

That poncy idiot Richard Roeper (why, Ebert, WHY did you have to pick him to replace the Sis) says the American public is able to tell the difference between a quote from 60-second Movie Preview reviewer and one from a Times critic. Well, if our comments section on Hilary Duff is any indication, Roeper is seriously mistaken, because those kids have parents.