Conte d'ete601am mentioned how someone at his local video store kept renting the movies he wanted to see, making him wonder if the person would like him, too. I wonder that often when I go see movies, especially when I go alone. I wonder if the people at the Saturday 11AM showing of Femme Fatale or Sunday 12:05PM of My Wife Is Actress are people like me. I suspect we have similar interests, but in truth, I'd probably hate most of them, the way I hated the ladies who kept talking during the 12:20PM Bend It Like Beckham last Sunday.

I liked this Times article about the queue on Netflix and how it's a window into your soul: "The service may rent movies, but it's actually tapped into something deeper. My devotion to the Queue reminds me of the baseball card collection I had as a youth. Whether it's movies or baseball, hobbies are like billboards advertising our identity. The Queue and the card collection are personal, tangible representations of those billboards."

I have considered making up a questionnaire, like Barry in High Fidelity (the book), a screener to weed out potential friends or, more importantly, suitors, to see if they can at least appreciate a combination of Rushmore, Red, Rear Window, Rohmer and Will Ferrell.