Realizing that what NYers need is more ice cream, Damon Dash is unleashing ROC ice cream trucks that will sell ice cream. Plus the trucks will give away ROC branded promotional materials. Of course, the press release mentions that New York will get three trucks (one with Samantha Ronson with twin C. Ronson and another with Cam'ron), but it does not mention what kind of ice cream they will be serving, which, in Gothamist's opinion, is an important thing to know. Soft-serve or ice cream bars and Italian ices? Or both? And since the ROC ice cream trucks, which hit downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn streets until August 31st, are promoting musicians, will they attempt to play music? And how will that work, with the noise ban in the works? So many unanswered questions!

Trucks will also be in Atlanta, Chicago (Kanye West truck) and Philadelphia (Beanie Sigal, which Gothamist thought was "Bernie Seigel" at first, but then we realized that was too accountant-y; and for the record, the best name on the Rocafella roster is Freekey Zeekey). [Via Coolfer; check out his picks for this weekend's music]

Gothamist on the noise ban and Mr. Softee trucks.