Jay-Z has gone and launched a new website called Life + Times, which offers up small servings of style, leisure, sports, art, design and technology. Basically, it's a blueprint (sorry) to all the stuff Hova likes.

He's got a team of writers behind the site (which favors a nice visual aesthetic over a standard blog format), but one section is called Jay's I, where presumably he'll be contributing. In fact, he's already uploaded this photo (under the initials SC—for his real name, Shawn Carter). The about section doesn't do much in the way of explaining the mission of the blog, nor does it make mention of anyone but Jay-Z, so this may still be a work in progress.

Check it out, there's plenty of NYC content up there now—including a video interview with Glenn O’ Brien in his apartment, and a Q&A with chef Daniel Boulud. Nothing about Gwyneth Paltrow though, which means it's already better than GOOP.