We've discussed the unrealistic apartments in Don't Trust The B— In Apartment 23 before, but in one of the more recent episodes the show solidified its top place ranking in having the most inaccurate, unbelievable New York City apartments on television. Which means... this ends the nearly 20 year long stranglehold that Friends has had on that title.

Some of the clinching factors that finally pushed the Friends out of 1st place:

  • The 20-something girls—Chloe and June—live in a massive two-bedroom apartment in what looks to be a nice area of Manhattan. The apartment features nice furnishings, a lot of square feet, and a terrace.
  • Their apartment appears to have the exterior of a townhouse, yet the interior doesn't match up with a townhouse at all. There are wide hallways, much longer than the length of a townhouse, and elevators.
  • How do they afford it? One works in a coffee shop and one doesn't work at all.
  • One of the other characters, Mark, is a barista at the coffee shop with June. He lives in a loft, where he hosts brunches amongst things like a pool table and a West Elm, or wherever, headboard.
  • James Van Der Beek plays himself on the show, and lives in an apartment that, while it's more modern, is basically on par with the low-earning twenty-somethings' apartments. And they have absolutely no royalties coming in from shows like Dawson's Creek.
  • And no, none of the characters seem to have parents who are sending them money.

Click through for more on the apartments featured in the show. And yes who cares it's fiction... but someone's gotta think of the young people coming here with $10 in their pocket and a Carrie Bradshaw dream.