Ed Koch

NYC is wonderful for many reasons, one of them being that former Mayor Ed Koch still has a voice at City Hall - as a movie critic. You can see his reviews on the nyc.gov portal. And he's as no nonsense with film as he was with dealing with the city.

On Monsier Ibrahim: Frankly, you won’t miss much if you don’t’ see this flick. But in this current dull period of good new movies, this one is almost heaven sent for someone like me who, as your humble servant, must see at least one movie a week.

On Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer: Governor Jeb Bush instructed that Aileen be examined by three psychiatrists before execution to ascertain her mental state. Each of them found she was sane. I personally think she was totally loony. Can you be loony and still know the difference between right and wrong? I think so, in which case individuals can be held responsible for their actions and be executed.

On The Last Samurai: I had to see this flick even though PT and AT told me it was a great disappointment. It is even worse than they led me to believe....It is simply boring.

We can't wait until movie studios start using his quotes for their ads ("The sight is very funny!" re Somthing's Gotta Give.) And will Mayor Bloomberg demand a reviewer's chair when his stint is over? [Via reader K - thanks!]

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