The NY Post puts the mug of a puggle - a mix between a pug and a beagle - on the cover, saying that this accidental breed is the hottest in the city. Metro Puppy Kennels owner Brian Incovaia says, "Everyone is clawing for them, it's ridiculous. I get people calling left and right for them and basically you get the equivalent of breeding a Marc Jacobs bag with a Louis Vuitton." Well, that's a problem right there, thinking that a dog is like a purse. But anyway, the dogs, which cost along the lines of a bigger Marc Jacobs bag (from $650-900), are popular because they are small enough for Manhattan apartments. And that answers the American Kennel Club's question, "What is the purpose of a puggle?" The AKC says other cross breeds were designed to help out with herding, but clearly, these days cross breeding is all about having a tiny dog for your shoebox apartment or whichever designer dog carrier you want to buy. But people, there are tons of dogs in city shelters that need your attention, so look there first!

The American Canine Hybrid Club Crossbreeds like Cockapoos (cocker spaniel-poodle mixes) and schnoodles (schnauzer-poodle) seem very personable and cute. Do you own one or have any personal reports of them? Is science going too far? Tell us!

Photograph from the NY Post