NYC politicians are up in arms about the pot-flavored candy for sale in 43 NYC stores and on the Internet (the Daily News says they are "smoking mad" - heh!). Chronic Candy's site proclaims "every lick is like taking a hit," and with flavors like Acapulco Gold and order sizes like "nickel bag," and founder Antonio Montana says it's for adults (like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton, who are customers) not kids. But kids are eating them, leading, Councilwoman Margarita Lopez to say, "How could we go into market and create a product for children that encourages them to taste the taste of marijuana?" One Queens store owner who sells the candy says that he only sells them to adults (he has a no-pot-sales to those under 18 rule). Yeah, just like the underage can't get a hold of cigarettes or alcohol, that'll really work! Anyway, Gothamist is confused - is pot legal to be sold as a sugar product? Or is the sugar content so high that the sugar is the buzz-generator, versus the pot? Anyone whose tried some Chronic Candy - let us know!

The Chronic Candy site has been suspended. Nice work, Daily News. From what Gothamist gathered earlier this morning, there were many different kinds of candy for sale, as well as a DVD and clothing for men and women.