297968182_84cc25eedc.jpgThanks to all of the bands that played last night, and to all of you who came out. Our Movable Hype show turned two last night, and did so with a bang! The Subjects, Tall Hands, Bad Veins and Apes & Androids all rocked the house, and we enjoyed every second of it.

Autopilot was there to film the show, as usual, and promises an extra fast turn around of some Apes & Androids (pictured) footage, since they pretty much rocked everyone's pants off last night.

We also have some better photos coming of all the bands, which we'll post as soon as we get 'em. If you have any on Flickr, tag them with "movable hype" please!

We'll be back in February 2007 with our next Movable Hype show/Gothamist's 4th Birthday Party show (start thinking of cake ideas)!