So we're exactly one week away from the first Gothamist event, Movable Hype. You may be asking yourselves a few qustions. Questions like, where do I buy tickets? To which we would answer: right here.

Now on to more details about the bands that will be playing that night at the Knitting Factory's Main Space...


The Fresh is actually one man (with many, many personalities). Think: Tenacious D meets Frank Zappa and Steely Dan. He's funny, he's talented and you'll be able to learn more about him later this week in a Sets & the City interview. So stay tuned...

Sons of Sound is the most recent of Dennis Cahlo's bands. Cahlo also rocked the New York scene with the Realistics and has taken his musical ideas to the next level with Sons. A staple in the New York music scene, he's the quintisential singer/songwriter always stepping up to discover new territory. Read his Sets & the City interview here.

Snowden is one of Gothamist's favorite band's from down south. They'll be coming all the way up from Atlanta, but don't worry - we're betting these Red-Staters voted for Kerry. They've also made their entire EP available for a limited time. So download it now and sing along at the show. Read their Sets & the City interview here.

Asobi Seksu brings pop music into a new dimension. A noisier, more exotic amplitude. This will be their homecoming show, as they'll just be getting back from a nationwide tour. Read their Sets & the City interview here.

Aside from the bands we'll have the Tarts of Pleasure deejaying between sets, $2 Triple 8 Vodka drinks all night, giveaways and other surprises. Proceeds go to charity, specifically buying NY public school system kids instruments! So if we don't see you there we'll assume you hate the kids. You don't hate the kids do you?