Movable Hype 8.0 is coming up next Tuesday July 11th! We're starting to book this as more of a New York bands showcase. We've brought down a Canadian band we love for this one though (if Philly is the 6th, can we make Canada the 7th borough?) Here are the details for next week:

Movable Hype 8.0 on July 11th
at the Knitting Factory (main space)
8:15pm Project Jenny/Project Jan (Brooklyn)
9:15pm Takka Takka (Brooklyn/Astoria)
10:15pm Goes Cube (Brooklyn)
11:15pm Femme Generation (Toronto)

Tickets are $7 adv and $10 dos. Buy them here!

Stay tuned, there may be some more details coming up, for now - give the bands a listen:

Chinatown Bus.mp3 - Project Jenny/Project Jan
Strangers Pillow.mp3 - Takka Takka
Semper Fi, Little Guy.mp3 - Femme Generation
24.mp3 - Goes Cube