Movable Hype 2 is coming up on February 16th. This time around we'll be back at the Knitting Factory main space and you get Elkland, The Information, Other Passengers and The Cloud Room for only $10! Tickets are on sale now, buy them here.


[Top Left to Right: Other Passengers (img via Jenyk), The Information, Elkland, The Cloud Room]

Movable Hype 3 is in the process of being booked, and it's going to be hilarious! Why? Because we have some of our favorite comedians mixed in with the bands. [Breaking out of the royal "we" for a moment...] I'm currently booking bands so if you are in one and can draw a crowd and want to be involved please email me. Also, if you are a venue (we're looking at you Mercury Lounge) email me too, although I'm sure I've already contacted you. We're aiming for April 1st (April Fool's day!) More info to come as it's available.