2006_02_mountedhorse.jpgA mounted police officer and his horse were injured when the horse bolted and crashed into two cars. Somehow, the horse got "spooked" and ran a red light at West 24th and Ninth Avenue - right into traffic. The horse, named Ferguson, hit an SUV and then a cab, throwing the cop onto the ground. Both horse and cop are expected to recover. While police are investigating what caused Ferguson to bolt, one wonders if the traffic and noise of the city is just too much for horses these days. Last month, a hansom cab horse crashed into a station wagon in Hell's Kitchen; the driver was in a coma (does anyone know his condition now) and local pols were calling for a ban on hansom cabs in the city except Central Park (the ASPCA also reiterated their concerns with hansom cabs). But Gothamist doubts the mounted unit is going anywhere - maybe the horses will need more stressful-situation conditioning.