Thousands of area Kraftwerk fans are wondering what's the German word for ticket fail today, after tickets for the eight night stand at MoMA sold out faster than you can say shoot the glass. Just as Hitler predicted! The quick sellout says something about the high demand for a "group" that hasn't "performed" in NYC since 2005 at Hammerstein Ballroom. (HELL of a show.) MoMA used the website ShowClix to handle tickets for the sale, and many of us experienced time-outs and a debalitiating inability to even load for a while. After well over an hour in a queue, all Kraftwerk fans at Gothamist HQ were denied. But we weren't alone; let us collectively mourn this completely unsurprising turn of events with the soothing balm of a Twitter pity party:


That last Tweet there appears to be true; according to Nokturnalist, while most of us were dutifully trying to by tickets through computing, others picked up the telephone and found success. Clever bastards. At one point during the 90 minutes of anxiety, @ShowClix Tweeted, "Kraftwerk tickets are flying off the shelf. Auto-refreshing won't help u within the 50,000 concurrent connections our engineers are seeing."

We reached out to the MoMA press office for comment, but haven't heard back yet. They're all probably still trying to score tickets for themselves; as one MoMA employee Tweeted, "Take heart, Interwebs: not even MoMA staff is immune to #Kraftwerk ticket FAIL. Success rate in the office near zero." If only there was a German word for taking comfort in the misfortune of others...

UPDATE: While you were waiting in the queue, robots got all the tickets: