Our friends at Verbose Coma let us know that Backstage had the following casting ad:


Casting an HBO/WB-style sitcom pilot "Bloggers." Seeking: young, attractive, comedic, and quirky actors, 20s-30s. No pay, but DVD provided.

Ha! No pay, just like the blog world! And we always thought that what they said about having a face for radio was triply true for bloggers. Anyway, Verbose Coma's Andi has some hilarious thoughts about it ("I'm thinking Rutger Hauer as Mr. Web Empire Publisher and Clea Duvall as sexy political hellcat, Zonkette"). Gothamist imagines the script to look like:

Scene 1

The Peach Pit

The Magician
LOCKHART enters.

BARTENDER: The usual?
LOCKHART, shaking head: Make it a double - Mr. Belding Denton has really been riding me!

SCREECHJAKE enters. He is, as usual, taking pictures.

JAKE: Man, there's so much good graffiti in Capeside the Lower East Side.

Scene 2
INDIE ROCK plays on soundtrack, preferably with a driving bassline.

If anyone does try out, let us know what it's like and whether or not there's a casting couch.