Mos Def, the rapper-turned-actor, is having child support problems. His estranged wife, Maria Yepes-Smith (Mos Def's real name is Dante Smith), says that he's failed the pay the full $10,000-a-month for their two daughters that he's owed for the first two months of the year, only paying $8,000 each time. Mos Def's lawyer claims that his business obligations, plus supporting three other children, are making it difficult. Def even spoke up during the hearing, much the judge's annoyance, saying, "I'm the only person who's providing for my children." Def also claims his wife said she would homeschool the girls, but isn't, so he should pay less in support. Hey, private school costs money, too!

Anyway, Yepes-Smith's lawyer said, "I've been seeing him in these commercials with Bruce Willis for his new movie. I'm sure he made enough money to pay his child support for his 7- and 8-year-old daughters." Gothamist saw those ads, too, but we've also seen a lot of episodes of Behind the Music, specifically the one about TLC where Left Eye (RIP) meticulously goes through how they lost all their money. Maybe Mos Def can auction off award show swag on eBay.