Here we thought posting photographs of innocent straphangers on the internet was so January 2010, but the NY Post is dredging up the past and spotlighting the Subway Douchery blog, run by comedian Tom Sibley. If you're going to be publicly shamed on the internet, this is probably the best place to have it go down (who knows what could happen to that photo of you innocently stretching out across the seats if it gets into the hands of N Train Gossip!).

Sibley tells the paper that some of the photos he's been sent "will make your hair curl." Trimming nails, tossing chicken wings, and the ol' standby of puking on your fellow passengers. If you just want to rant about underground eaters, however, Train Pigs is the site for you.

What's the worst thing you've witnessed on the subway lately? And can someone please start a blog focusing on subway hospitality?