Toronto street artist, Posterchild, sent us the above photo of a piece he recently installed with the help of Jason Eppink (he of the Pixelator). He'll be installing three more ("tonight or soon!"), which will say "Fast," "Sell" and "Out". (The pictured one may look like it says "Bold" but it actually says "Hold.") No word on whether or not they'll be in the vicinity of the 14th and 8th station.

If you aren't familiar with the Pixelator, it's "an unauthorized on-going video art performance collaboration with the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, Clear Channel Communications, and its selected artists." In other words, it turns the ads, which cost an estimated $274,000 for six ten-second spots every minute on each of the city’s 80 digital displays, into art. Slightly more advanced than the subway ad mash-ups.