With the nice weather lasting all weekend, New Yorkers have really been taking advantage of Summer Streets. One eight year old spent the day outside with his dad, and said, “We just biked down from 86th Street and Columbus, then we came back up here, and then we’re going to go swimming." The dumpster pools have been a hit with the city. A professor called his dip "a little chilly but fun and kind of magical," and said, "I have another suggestion for Mayor Bloomberg—hot tubs in the winter." Add in snow tractor rides and hot chocolate stands and you've got yourself Winter Streets!

Other dumpster divers raved about the juxtaposition of lounging in a pool with the city as a backdrop. One swimmer told NY1, "It's the best, yes, because you'd never imagine in Manhattan, New York. Only in New York." DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said, "We’re encouraging people to learn how to ride a bike, we’re encouraging people to enjoy the iconic architecture of New York—to have the ability to pause, and look around, and take in the incredible beauty of New York."

Summer Streets are going on for the next two Saturdays, with activities like Tai Chi and yoga classes, musical performances and tours going on at the four rest stops.