php0LMFLwPM.jpgRemember before all this financial crisis hullabaloo, we were all worried about things like the Montauk Monster? Those salad days have come and gone, friends...or have they? Step off that ledge and take a gander at the latest unidentifiable, washed up carcass! AnimalNY reports that "new beasts are still washing up." One even came ashore in Connecticut, though an "official from the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration claimed it had to be a raccoon, there's no other explanation." Or is there?! Even though another expert has made the same claim, some say these new deceased beasts are "another experiment gone bad from the shadowy animal disease lab at Plum Island," noting that even the sites where they are found are on "the path of the ferry which just happens to pass right past the island." Cue the X-Files theme.